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CHARGED MOVEMENT 1-Day Intensive - ILOILO City Philippines

  • Location will be announced 2 weeks before the workshop (map)

Location will be announced 2 weeks before the workshop

MISSION: Disrupt | Adapt | Move

LISTEN, LEARN and TAKE ACTION using strategies and principles that works!
Hershey Hilado is one of the 30 Under 30 Influencive Entrepreneur for 2016. At 24 years of age, she built 3 International businesses, one recently nominated as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative and Exciting eCommerce Stores in Australia.

AS SEEN ON ABS- CBN MMK TV Show July 22, 2017 Episode!

Her incredible story from being orphaned, homeless, a high school dropout, being involved in crimes as a teenager and sold to by her own mother at age 16 will not only going to inspire you but her knowledge and aggressive approach in business landed her the privilege in speaking and being featured on top entrepreneurial digital publishing company in the world alongside Grant Cardone and Caleb Maddix just to name a few.
Today, she is one of the most Influential Millenial Entrepreneur out there dedicating her life in contributing back to the society and educating people not just in business but also in overcoming adversity and using that as the very brick in building their own path to success.


"CHARGED MOVEMENT is a concept given to me by those I came across with. I see so many people go on about their day as if they have thousands of year to live, we go with the flow of the society that serves no one but themselves. We wake up, have a shower, eat, and go to work without really knowing why we're there, why you're here. We are lost in an ocean full of crabs, following the rules made by those who were no smarter than us. Why do we let this happen?

I believe that there are two great things that happen in a human life; the day we were born and the day we find out WHY.

As an individual who creates and build doing their life's best work, you have afforded yourself the permission to build your life exactly how you want it, inch by inch, from the ground up. This path is so uniquely yours, and the vision you are pursuing is so distinctively you, that to live a life according to the status quo or other people's rules would simply not work.

Business is a challenging game that demands you to be more of yourself every single day. A growth curve this steep means you will face more self-doubt in a week than most people do in a year. It's important that you surround yourself with like- minded people who are on the same path, facing similar challenges with similar goals, means that you are not alone in your pursuit of actualizing the highest and truest vision you hold for your life.
CHARGED MOVEMENT is 1-day experiential workshop for men and women with a desire to awaken clarity build massive awareness, and produce sustainable results in their business, personal and professional lives. This intimate gathering is an opportunity to gain tools and techniques that will support YOU in living a powerful, fulfilling and purposeful life."


Hershey Hilado


*VIP Registrants are invited to join Hershey  for dinner in a secret location with VIP hot seat experience right after the workshop. Each will also receive an exclusive 1:1 45- minute coaching/ mentorship session with Hershey (valued at $290 AUD). Please note that this is a pay your own meal dinner. Location will be announce at the end of the workshop.